An Adventurous Day On Shore – Pompeii, Vesuvius & Sorrento.

Among the ports of call in Italy,  included in a Mediterranean Cruise,  you’ll find the port of Naples. Your ship will be greeted by Mount Vesuvius, which rises to the south of the bay of Naples.

Once your ship has reached its destination, you will find your Rome in Limo driver waiting for you just off your ship. In order to be easily spotted among the crowd present at the dock, he will hold a sign with your name on. Once you have been greeted by your driver you’ll be ready to enjoy this great day on shore!

Your first destination will be Pompeii, followed by a lunch break, after which you’ll be ready to enjoy a great view from the top of Mount Vesuvius.

Pompeii, with over 2.5 million visitors a year and its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, this seaside town was home to approximately 11,000 people. When visiting, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and take care when walking on the streets, which are made of stones and have large spaces between each cobble. There is little shade in Pompeii, so use caution on a hot day.

You can explore Pompeii on your own or with the aid of a guide. As a matter of fact, we suggest having a licensed walking guide to take you through the site, after all, we are talking about a site which was actually a city and the size of it is quite overwhelming!

The city area is about 163 acres, which means you can’t possibly see it all if you are to visit other locations in the limited time you have on shore, and having a guide with you will ensure you don’t miss out on the important parts and see all that’s worth seeing in about 2 hours. Of course, having a licensed guide will have an extra cost, but as mentioned above it will be absolutely worth it! If you wish to book a licensed walking guide for 2 hours in Pompeii, all you have to do is ask us!

Tickets to Pompeii do not need to be purchased in advance, unlike other sites around Italy. They can easily be bought on location since there isn’t a long line to get in. Tickets are about euros 13 per person, but prices may vary in case of special exhibitions held for a limited time.

Our driver will drop you off at an altitude of around 1,000m, on Mount Vesuvius, That’s as far as vehicles are allowed to go. From there the trail to the top climbs just under another 200m. For most people in reasonable condition it’s no problem but if you are not 100% fit or have a medical problem you may want to take advice.

At road’s end, there is an official ticket desk and a couple of places where you can get a botle of water or enjouy a nice gelato before the climb. After paying for your ticket, and going through the ticket barrier it is a 15-20 minute grind up a wide gravel path that will take you to the top.

When you come back down you’ll find your driver waiting for you, ready to take you back to your ship.

As will all of our Shore Excursions, we offer both Private and Shared services. If you have a large family or you’re traveling with friends, you can opt for a Private Tour, but if your family is small or you’d like to meet new friends,  you can consider a Shared Tour. In both cases, you always get Rome in Limo’s high-quality tours!

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