Palermo Shore Excursion - A day in Erice and Segesta.
Sicily is without any doubt a splendid island rich in culture and history thanks to its strategic location at the center of the Mediterranean Sea. This has made the island a crossroads of history and a melting pot of a dozen or more ethnic groups whose warriors or m
An Adventurous Day On Shore - Pompeii, Vesuvius & Sorrento.
Among the ports of call in Italy,  included in a Mediterranean Cruise,  you’ll find the port of Naples. Your ship will be greeted by Mount Vesuvius, which rises to the south of the bay of Naples. Once your ship has reached its destination, you will find your Rom
Pisa & San Gimignano - A Tuscan Delight!
If you're cruising on a Med Cruise you're probably wondering what your options are as far as shore excursions are concerned. Our blog offers information on the most sought out destinations available in each of the major ports of call in Italy. In this article, we are
Kid Friendly Tour in Rome!
The most sought out location from the port of Civitavecchia is certainly Rome! If that’s where you want to go, and you have kids with you, then you need to read this! The city is literally packed with attractions which will have you in awe at every corner, but som
Florence & San Gimignano - A Day On Shore from Livorno
If you have chosen a Mediterranean Cruise your Ship is bound to make a stop in the Port of Livorno, one of the major commercial ports in Italy. It serves not only cruise ships but also cargo ships and ferries, which make it a very busy port where different cruise ships
Day Trip from Rome - Pompeii & Sorrento
If Pompeii & Sorrento are on your bucket list but you're staying at a hotel in Rome this article is something you want to read to find out how to go about it! Your Rome in Limo driver will meet you right at your hotel early in the morning so that you get an early
Who were the Etruscans? Find Out with a Tour from the Ship!
This day excursion is designed for those who wish to enjoy the highlights of the ETRUSCAN villages. When your ship docks in CIVITAVECCHIA you will find your Rome in Limo driver just off the gangway of the ship, ready to take you through a wonderful day on shore!
Christian Rome Private Tour
Rome is famous for its many attractions but also for being the cradle of Christianity, where Peter founded the official church and where 265 generations of Popes after him have continued to hold court from the Vatican, the heart of the Christian world. Your Rom
Rome By Night
When the sun goes down in the city of Rome, you can enjoy the nighttime views of the famous squares and streets lit by thousands of lights! The Eternal City,  so grand and monumental by day,  becomes intimate and approachable as the crowds and traffic lessen.
Secret Rome - Guided Walking Tour plus Transportation
In Rome, there is something amazing almost around every corner and walking around will give you the feel of life in the Eternal City. Much of the city center, what is known as the "Historical Center", is made up of narrow lanes and alleys impenetrable to vehicles.