Kid Friendly Tour in Rome!

The most sought out location from the port of Civitavecchia is certainly Rome! If that’s where you want to go, and you have kids with you, then you need to read this!

The city is literally packed with attractions which will have you in awe at every corner, but some of these attractions could be a “bit boring” for kids, so we have designed a tour that will keep both adults and kids entertained! So here goes!!!

Your ship will probably dock in the early morning and you’ll be allowed off at 8am, but make sure to check with your ship the exact time. We always suggest an early start since there is some traveling time involved in getting to Rome. You need to keep in mind that the Port of Civitavecchia is a little over one hour from the city.

Once off your ship, you’ll find your driver waiting for you, just off the gangway. He will hold a sign with your name on so that you can easily spot him and not waste any time.

Rome in Limo drivers are professional fluent English speaking drivers so that you don’t need to worry about understanding what you’re being told. You certainly don’t want to go through a whole day with someone who isn’t a clear English speaking! That would be a real stress! Not with us!

For your comfort and safety, our fleet includes only latest model Mercedes vehicles. You’ll be spending most of your day onshore on the vehicle and we want you to be comfortable! Our Mercedes vehicles all feature Air Conditioning and Comfortable Spacious Seats. Plus all the latest Safety Technology available on the market.

Back to our tour now. Once you have reached Rome, you’ll be driven to the historical center of the city, where you will be greeted by the Victor Emanuel II Monument. Most people refer to it as “the Wedding Cake”. As a matter of fact, it does look like one!

Close to the Victor Emanuel Monument, you’ll find the Capitoline Hill, the Ancient Roman Forum, and the Colosseum. You can choose to enter the Colosseum, but to do that, you need to make sure you have gotten your tickets in advance!

Tickets include entrance to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, but we don’t suggest you enter the latter because of time. You can still see most of the Roman Forum from the terrace on the Capitoline Hill or from the sidewalk close to the Colosseum.

After your visit to the Colosseum, you’ll drive by the Circus Maximus, to get to the Pantheon and Navona Square, where you can enjoy a nice gelato! From here, you’ll drive to the Spanish Steps and then on to the Trevi Fountain.

Time for lunch! Your driver will suggest where to eat based on your desires. You can choose a nice Italian restaurant, to enjoy a typical light lunch or a quick Pizza bite on the way, to make the best of your touring time. That’s entirely up to you!

Up to now the day has been fun and entertaining for both adults and kids, but now comes the real treat for your kids!

After lunch, you’ll drive to the Catacombs of St. Sebastian, where you will explore 3 levels of underground tunnels which were the burial chambers of the Ancients Romans. Kids find this eerie setting quite amazing and can’t stop talking about it! That’s what our former clients have told us!

In case you are wondering if 2000-year-old underground tunnels are safe, the answer is YES! A Catacomb Staff Member will be with you throughout the visit to provide info on the site and make sure nobody gets lost. So no worries there!

After this last visit, it will be time to meet the driver again and head back to your ship in Civitavecchia, ready to sail to the next Italian port of call and more great Shore Excursions!

Hint:  If you have a large family or you’re traveling with friends, you can opt for a Private Tour, but if your family is small or you’d like to meet new friends, you can consider a Shared Tour. In both cases, you get Rome in Limo’s high-quality tours!

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