Christian Rome Private Tour

Rome is famous for its many attractions but also for being the cradle of Christianity, where Peter founded the official church and where 265 generations of Popes after him have continued to hold court from the Vatican, the heart of the Christian world.

Your Rome in Limo driver will come pick you up directly at your hotel in Rome, ready to take you and your family through a great day discovering the Eternal City. We suggest an early start, to make the best of your time for the day.

Rome in Limo drivers are professional fluent English speaking drivers so that you don’t need to worry about understanding what you’re being told. You certainly don’t want to go through a whole day with someone who isn’t a clear English speaking! That would be a real stress! Not with us!

For your comfort and safety, our fleet includes only latest model Mercedes vehicles. You’ll be spending some time on board our vehicle and we want you to be comfortable! Our Mercedes vehicles all feature Air Conditioning and Comfortable Spacious Seats. Plus all the latest Safety Technology available on the market.

There are over 900 churches in Rome, which have been built during 2000 years of Christianity since Constantine’s triumph over the pagans in the 4th century AD…seeing them all is impossible, but you can see the most iconic! Read on to find out what the tour includes.

Your first stop will be at the Archbasilica of Saint John in Lateran, the original seat of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope). This is considered one of the oldest basilicas in the city been built under Pope Melchiade (311), featuring vast works of art and one of the Vatican’s holiest relics: the Scala Santa, or the Holy Stairs, a set of 28 white marble steps which are said to have been climbed in Jerusalem by Jesus himself and brought to Rome in the 4th century.

Just around the corner is the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, which holds some of the most important relics dating back to the time of Christ believed to be part of the original cross. According to tradition, the basilica’s floor was covered with soil brought from Jerusalem, thus the name.

Moving on to the Basilica of Saint Mary Major a rare example of a well preserved Byzantine interior featuring prestigious mosaics, ordered by  Pope Liberio (356) who is said to have dreamed the blessed virgin telling him where to build the new church.  Here you have the unique opportunity to visit a closed area in the upper level of the church with a private guide. Entrance to Santa Maria Maggiore is €10.00 per person.

Quite closeby lies the Basilica of Saint Peter in Chains, which holds what is believed to be the chains that held St. Peter while he was held captive in the Mamertine Prison in Jerusalem. These chains are visible today and are adjacent to Michelangelo’s famed statue of Moses sculpture.

The highlight of the day will be the Vatican Museums and Saint Peter’s Basilica the largest church in the world. Whether it be works of art or its rich religious history, rest assured you won’t be disappointed. The Vatican is home to highly-praised Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. We highly recommend for you to pre-purchase your Vatican tickets online for a 2 pm entry.

The Basilica of Saint Paul Outside The Walls will be your next stop. This is the final resting place of the Apostle Paul, marked by a marble tombstone, lying below the Papal Altar, bearing the inscription PAULO APOSTOLO MART or Apostle Paul martyr. The tombstone sits above a huge sarcophagus.

Unfortunately, this tour is not available as a Shared Tour from the ship but only as a Private Tour from the hotel in Rome. To book your private Christian Tour with Rome In Limo click here.

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