How to Choose a Shore Excursion

Now that you have booked your Mediterranean Cruise you are probably wondering how to go about your Shore Excursions, right? You have quite a few options to choose from, but let us evaluate the pros and cons before deciding.

The cheapest option you have to reach your desired destination is using public transportation. There are trains and coaches that will take you to your destinations and the ticket fee is very low, but you have to keep in mind that public transportation, be it trains or coaches, is not very reliable in Italy.

There are frequent delays and sometimes even cancellations, which could prove to be quite a nuisance when you just have a few hours onshore. A nuisance when leaving the ship in the morning, but a danger when coming back…what if you miss your ship? Of course, this is the worst case scenario, but if it does happen you’ll have to reach the next port at your expenses. And you don’t want that!

Also, you would need to do some extensive research before your shore excursions. You need to know what to see in each location, find out how to reserve tickets for transportation and for the sites and calculate the time required to see all you want to in the limited time onshore.  That’s quite some work!

Last but not least,  you need to be wary of pickpockets! Unfortunately this is a common  phenomenon all over the world, but in touristic places it is more frequent. Pickpockets know that tourists are distracted by the views and, because of this, they target them more than they do the locals.

The situation with public transportation doesn’t look too rosy, so what other options do you have? You could choose a Coach Tour, which is fairly cheap, to visit the attractions you’re interested in.  A coach tour will ensure you get back in time for your ship and you don’t need to worry about pickpockets while on the coach. But…

A coach tour means 54 people moving about all together. You each are responsible to keep up with the rest of the group, which means that you could be left behind if the tour leader doesn’t notice your absence. It’s not frequent but it’s been known to happen!

Plus, you would take quite some time to clear security check for the sites…remember that you’re not supposed to wander off and have to wait for everybody else! Of course a coach tour is led by a guide, which is a plus, since you get some info on the sites you visit.

Your options are not finished, though! You could opt for a Private Tour! A private tour means you have a dedicated driver, who is there to ensure your family’s safety and comfort.  You are the only people he has to worry about so you have his 100% attention.

A private driver will pick you up and drop you off directly in front of your ship and take you right in front of each site, so that you don’t waste any precious time you have onshore. He will ensure a safe drive and make sure you are back to the ship well in time!

He can give you useful information about the sites you are to visit and suggest where to eat to taste the real Italian cuisine. Of course, he is also a fluent English speaker, so you won’t have to strive to understand him!

The vehicles used by private tour companies are latest model Mercedes cars or vans, depending on your space needs, and feature all the comforts, including air conditioning. Safety and comfort are guaranteed!

The only drawback of a private tour is that it costs more than the previous options we’ve discussed, but it’s absolutely worth it!  After all, you are on holiday and want to make the best of it! You don’t want to stress!

You still have another option if you want to enjoy a private tour, which features all the advantages mentioned above, but spend less. You can opt for Tour Sharing.

How does Tour Sharing work? Well, it’s very simple, really! Let’s say you have a small family, maybe just three people, and you want to tour with other people. But not in a large group…you don’t want to be herded, remember!?

All you need to do is create your own group, 6 or 8 people at the max, and share the cost. You still get the latest model Mercedes van  and the fluent English speaking driver but you’ll spend as little as the fare of a coach tour! And you’ll also make new friends in the process! It’s a win win situation!

We hope you’ve found this article helpful, but if you’d like to know more about Private Tours or Tour Sharing, please don’t hesitate to contact our qualified staff. They’ll be happy to answer your inquiry.

For Private Tours http://www.romeinlimo.com/contact/

For Tour Sharing http://www.romeinlimotoursharing.com/

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