Civitavecchia Port

The Port of Civitavecchia is where your all major Cruise Lines dock for Rome. The port is not in the city, it’s actually 80 km to the north-east, that’s about 50 miles from Rome. This means you’ll be travelling a little before getting to your destination.

Obviously, the most sought out destination from this port is Rome, but there are other options if you have already visited the Eternal City and do not wish to go back. Although, Rome is literally packed with attractions and you might opt for the “Off the Beaten Path” sites on your second visit.

Reaching Rome will take about one hour and another fifteen or twenty minutes to reach the heart of the city. Other destinations might be a little closer or further, but traveling time never exceeds one and a half hours.

Your other tour destinations from this port could be the lake of Bracciano, or Cervetri, Tarquinia,  Ostia Antica or even Tivoli. All of these location are in the Lazio region, the same Rome is in, but you could get as far as Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoreggio in the Umbria region and still be able to enjoy your day onshore.

Of course, you would not be able to visit them all in one day and need to choose between them. If you’d like some ideas on what you can manage in your limited time onshore check ¬†http://www.romeinlimo.com/rome-civitavecchia/


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