Pompeii or Herculaneum?

If you’re sailing on a Mediterranean Cruise ship about to dock in Naples, the question might have been bugging you for a while. Our question to you is: Why not both?!  

Pompeii, with over 2.5 million visitors a year and its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pompeii is most certainly the more popular of the two locations. It is also the most expansive: before the eruption, this seaside town was home to approximately 11,000 people. When visiting, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and take care when walking on the streets, which are made of stones and have large spaces between each cobble. There is little shade in Pompeii, so use caution on a hot day.

Herculaneum was the richer of the two cities, which is obvious after a tour of the ruins: there are more expansive houses, more impressive mosaics, and more lavish marble in the remains. Although a much smaller city, its ruins are also denser, better preserved, and offer more complete homes and mosaics.

After your intensive dive into history, it’s time to “relax” visiting a private wine estate located at the feet of Mount Vesuvius, where you will be given a guided tour of their vineyards and enjoy lunch in a beautiful terraced garden to taste the specialties of the Campania region (Bruschetta, salami, provolone cheese, spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and the Pastiera Napoletana a ricotta and corn pie). Accompanied with wine tasting of 5 different wines of Lacryma Christi, local to the area, white, red and rosè to finish with a spumante (sparkling wine) and last but not least a distilled of apricot before heading back to the port.

As with all Rome in Limo’s tours from the ship, you can either choose to have a Rome in Limo Private Tour, where the driver and vehicle are dedicated to your family only, or share the expenses with Rome in Limo Shared Tours, where you still get a dedicated driver and vehicle, but for the whole group that you are joining. Tour Sharing groups are suggested between 6 and 8 people.

No matter which tour option you choose, you’ll get a professional English speaking driver and a luxury Mercedes vehicle from pick up to drop off! Both will be right in front of your ship!

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