Post-Cruise Tour from Civitavecchia

Today we’re going to discuss the best way to spend your time wisely when you get off the ship in the early morning and have to board your plane in the late afternoon or early evening.

The ship usually lets you off around 8 am and if you have an evening plane you’ll have quite a few hours to spend. Of course, there is traveling time involved to get from the Port to the Airport, usually between 1 and 1 and a half hours, depending on traffic, but that still leaves quite a few hours, doesn’t it?

So how are you going to spend your time without wasting it?

How about spending it touring? Yes, but what about all our luggage? You might ask! Your luggage will be perfectly safe in our vehicle since our driver is not allowed to leave it unattended. Problem solved!

So let’s see how this works. First of all, you will find one of our professional drivers waiting for you right in front of your ship, holding a sign with your name on so that you can easily spot him. Our drivers are all professional English speaking locals who are knowledgeable about the area.

The vehicle you are assigned depends on your family size and luggage amount, so make sure you inform our staff and they’ll provide the right vehicle size to suit your party and all your luggage. All our vehicles are latest model Mercedes which feature the best comfort and safety standards.

Once you have arrived in Rome you will have several options; you can tour the sites in the city, in case you haven’t before or wish to revisit them. If this is what you’d like to do make sure you get your tickets in advance. The most sought out sites for which you’ll require tickets in advance are the Vatican and the  Colosseum.

In alternative to sightseeing,  you can consider doing some shopping in the most famous streets in Rome, like Via Condotti and Via Frattina. Or even doing a bit of mix and match between sightseeing and shopping. The choice is yours!!!

Based on our experience, you will have about 8 hours to enjoy the city with us, unless you have an early flight. After which our driver will take you to the Airport in time for your flight.

In case you don’t have a plane to catch but are staying at a hotel in Rome, your driver will drop you off there.

As with most Rome in Limo Tours you have two options to choose from for your Post-Cruise Tour from the ship in Civitavecchia:  you can choose our Private Tour, where the driver and vehicle will be for your family only or choose our Sharing Tour, where your family can share our vehicle and driver with others. This options is indicated for those who have small families, 2 or 3 people, and wish to save money but also for those who wish to make new friends.





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