Second Time Round in Rome? Rome as Your Taste Tour is Right for You!

This article is dedicated to those of you who have already visited Rome while on a previous Cruise that docked in Civitavecchia. Of course, you might decide to opt for a tour of the other beautiful towns in the area around Rome, but keep in mind that Rome is literally packed with attractions and you could use your second time round to see the ones you missed.

We are proud to offer either private tours or shared tours. What is the difference?  A private tour encompasses a luxury Mercedes vehicle for your family and friends only and a knowledgeable English speaking driver who will provide info on the history and culture of the areas you will visit, but who will not accompany you inside the sites. If you wish to have an escort inside the sites, you can contact our staff to arrange to have a private walking guide.  

A shared tour still provides a luxury Mercedes vehicle, but it will be a van to fit a small group of 6 or 8 people tops and a knowledgeable English speaking driver who will provide info on the sites. Plus you can still request a private walking guide for the party. The difference lies in the fact that you “share” your van with people who you might not have met in person yet.

The people who will “share” the tour with you are fellow cruisers who are on your same ship and whom you can contact and even arrange to meet while on board your ship prior to your tour. You are certain to make new friends with our sharing option!

Rome in Limo has designed the “Rome as Your Taste” tour to let you focus the whole tour on the sites you want to visit or even revisit. For example, you might want to visit the Vatican Museums again to see the rooms you haven’t on your first visit. After all, the Vatican Museums are so vast that a whole day would not be enough to see all the rooms!

Or you could spend your day in Rome just relaxing in the locals’ gathering spots and watch people going by, have a nice gelato or cappuccino, or go shopping, or visit some of the “off the beaten path” sites, like the Jewish Ghetto and the Borghese Gallery, or even mix and match and do a bit of everything! It is really up to you!

If you already know which sites interest you, or how you want to spend your day,  you can contact our offices and ask our staff if they can all fit into a day off the ship. They’ll be happy to help you see the most possible without having to rush! In case you don’t know what sites to see and would like suggestions, our staff will be happy to oblige! Contact our Private Tour staff or our Shared Tour staff for any question you might have!

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