Tivoli & Its Beautiful Villas From Your Hotel in Rome

If you have a few days in Rome, you’ll want to explore the city thoroughly, but how about spending some time in the countryside surrounding the city? After all, Rome was not just a city in Ancient Roman times, it was an Empire that extended well beyond the boundaries of today’s Rome, and many worthy sites are found in the countryside near the Eternal City.

Your professional fluent English speaking driver will greet you directly at your hotel, ready to take care of your party throughout the day, making this a lifetime experience you will cherish! The Tivoli Gardens are waiting for you!

About 1 hour drive through the beautiful Roman countryside will take you to the Tivoli area, which has been a popular choice for private retreats since ancient Roman times and where you’ll have the opportunity to visit and compare two splendid Villas from two different ages: Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este.

Your first stop will be the beautiful Villa Adriana, Emperor Hadrian’s summer retreat. The grounds of the Villa featured full-scale reproductions of Hadrian’s favorite building from Greece and Egypt, which he had admired while traveling around the provinces of the Roman Empire.

The Villa featured fountains, pools, statues, theaters, and libraries. Some of which are still visible today. To get a good idea of how the Villa would have looked like in Roman times there is a model scale replica you can see on the premises.

After your visit to this unique site, it will be time for lunch. You can choose to eat something fast, like a slice of pizza on the way or enjoy a typical Italian lunch in one of the family owned restaurants in the area. Just let your driver know and he’ll take you to your desired venue.

After lunch, you will visit Villa D’Este, a late 1500s splendor! The gardens of the Villa feature an impressive concentration of fountains, grottoes, waterworks and a water-operated organ which plays arias from the period. The Fountain of the Organ plays every 2 hours, starting from 10:30 am.

You could consider having a private licensed walking guide inside both Villas to make the best of your visit. This would have an extra cost, but it would be definitely worth it considering the size of Villa Adriana and the richness of waterworks in Villa D’Este. All you need to do is ask!

Tickets to either Villa Adriana or Villa D’Este don’t need to be bought in advance since there seldom is a long line to get in, but if you still wish to get them in advance you need to email villa.adriana@coopculture.it for Villa Adriana and villadestetivoli@bestunion.com for Villa D’Este.

After your visit to Villa D’Este it will be time to head back to your hotel in Rome. Your driver will make sure you reach your destination, in comfort and safety.

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