Visit Caserta & Pomepii From Your Ship in Naples/Salerno

Once your ship has reached its destination, be it the Port of Naples or the Port of Salerno, you will find your Rome in Limo driver waiting for you just off your ship. In order to be easily spotted among the crowd present at the dock, he will hold a sign with your name on. Once you have been greeted by your driver you’ll be ready to enjoy this great day on shore!

You can choose to have a Rome in Limo Private Tour, where the driver and vehicle are dedicated to your family only, or share the expenses with Rome in Limo Tour Sharing, where you still get a dedicated driver and vehicle, but for the whole group, you are joining. Tour Sharing groups are suggested between 6 and 8 people so that each have the attention they deserve.

The Royal Palace of Caserta was commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon in the 1700s to rival the Royal Palace of Versailles and the Escorial Palace in Madrid. The outcome is a monumental complex with 5 floors, 1200 rooms, and 34 staircases. You’ll be astonished by the continuous succession of stuccoes, reliefs, frescoes, sculptures, flooring, and inlays that cover every single space. And that’s just the palace itself!

Its spectacular gardens spread over 11 acres, landscaped with vast fields, flower beds, waterfalls, and a triumph of dancing fountains, will take your breath away!

Tickets to the Royal Palace of Caserta and its Gardens are euros 12 per person, subject to increases in case of special exhibitions. To book them you need to call +39-0823-448-084.  The Royal Palace of Caserta is closed on Tuesdays. For more info on the tickets click here.

After your visit to this magnificent site, you’ll have time for lunch before moving on to the next attraction. You can choose to eat in one of the family owned restaurants that provide typical dishes made with fresh local products or just grab a slice of pizza on the way to maximize your sightseeing time.

Your next stop will be Pompeii, the Roman city whose tragic end has preserved exactly as it would have been in ancient times. In fact, when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD it covered the whole area in ash and lava, which hid the city for centuries under a thick layer. This prevented it from undergoing the renovations which inhabited cities underwent through the centuries and from raiders who looted abandoned sites throughout history.

You can explore Pompeii on your own or with the aid of a guide. As a matter of fact, we suggest having a licensed walking guide to take you through the site, after all, we are talking about a site which was actually a city and the size of it is quite overwhelming!

The city area is about 163 acres, which means you can’t possibly see it all if you are to visit other locations in the limited time you have on shore, and having a guide with you will ensure you don’t miss out on the important parts and see all that’s worth seeing in about 2 hours. Of course, having a licensed guide will have an extra cost, but as mentioned above it will be absolutely worth it! If you wish to book a licensed walking guide for 2 hours in Pompeii, all you have to do is ask us!

Tickets to Pompeii do not need to be purchased in advance, unlike other sites around Italy. They can easily be bought on location since there isn’t a long line to get in. Tickets are about euros 13 per person, but prices may vary in case of special exhibitions held for a limited time.

After your visit to Pompeii, your driver will be ready to take you back to your ship, where he will drop you off at 5 pm, as required by the ship’s schedule.

For Rome in Limo’s Private Tour click here.

For Rome in Limo’s Shared Tour click here.

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