Visit Ostia Antica & Cervetri From Your Ship in Civitavecchia

Now that your ship has docked in Civitavecchia, you can find your Rome in Limo driver will wait for you just off the gangway of your ship. He will hold a sign with your name on so that you can easily spot him among the crowd of cruisers disembarking and the other drivers waiting for their clients.

Rome in Limo drivers are professional drivers who speak English fluently and have an extensive knowledge in the area you’ll be visiting. They provide info on the sites you are to visit, so you can consider them driving guides, but they are not allowed to leave the vehicle unattended to enter the sites.

We suggest an early start, to make the best of the day, so 8 am is our suggested pickup time.

Now that you’ve met your driver, your day will begin with a relaxing drive through the beautiful countryside. In about one hour and a half, sitting comfortably in our luxury Mercedes van,  you’ll reach your first destination for the day; Ostia Antica, where you will meet your guide for the 2-hour visit inside the site.

Ostia Antica may have been Rome’s first colony. According to legend, it was the fourth King of Rome, who established it in the 7th century B.C. The settlement soon became a thriving commercial port that supplied Rome. Ostia flourished through the centuries, until the end of the Roman Empire when it fell slowly into decay.

Today, Ostia Antica is compared to Pompeii for its excellent preservation. It too was buried and rediscovered in the early 1900s, but unlike Pompeii, it was not covered by ashes but by silt. This preserved a number of mansions, which feature exquisite mosaics and frescoes, statues, columns that provide a peek into the Ancient Roman lifestyle.

Tickets to Ostia Antica are Euros 8 per person and can be bought on location (no need to reserve them). The site is closed on Mondays and religious festivities.

After your visit to Ostia Antica, it will be time for lunch, before heading to your other destination for the day; Cervetri, where you can see the Etruscan Tombs. The Necropolis is organized in a city-like plan, featuring streets, squares, and neighborhoods. The Tombs have the shape of houses with a wealth of structural details which are the only surviving evidence of Etruscan Architecture.

Tickets to Cervetri are Euros 6 per person and do not require pre-purchasing. The site is closed on Mondays and religious festivities.

Since both sites require walking on uneven paving, we suggest you wear comfortable walking shoes.

Rome in Limo offers both Private and Shared Tours. If you have a large family or you’re traveling with friends, you can opt for a Private Tour, but if your family is small or you’d like to meet new friends, you can consider a Shared Tour. In both cases, you get Rome in Limo’s high-quality tours!

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