Visit Orvieto & Civita di Bagnoreggio From Your Ship in Civitavecchia

So your ship has finally docked in Civitavecchia and you can’t wait to start your wonderful day on shore! Since you’re reading this article your choice, for your tour,  has fallen on Orvieto and San Gimignano. Great choice! Read on to know what to expect from this day.

First of all, you’ll be greeted by your Rome in Limo driver, who will be driving guide for the day. Rome in Limo drivers are knowledgeable in the area you’ll visit and will provide insight on the attractions you’ll visit. They do this while you are on board the vehicle since they are not allowed to leave the vehicle unattended to come with you into the sites. In case you want someone to walk you around, you can ask for one of our professional walking guides.

Your Rome in Limo driver will wait for you just off the gangway of your ship. He will hold a sign with your name on so that you can easily spot him among the crowd of cruisers disembarking and the other drivers waiting for their clients. We suggest an early start, to make the best of the day, so 8 am is our suggested pickup time.

Now that you’ve met your driver, your day will begin with a relaxing drive through the beautiful countryside. In about one hour and a half, sitting comfortably in our luxury Mercedes van,  you’ll reach your first destination for the day; the town of Orvieto.

Orvieto rises on a natural tableland at the summit of a tufa cliff, emerging 150 meters high, over the surrounding plains. The town has Etruscan origins, dating back to the 9th century BC. Its strategic position was much appreciated in the Middle Ages when natural fortification played an important role in defense. The town has remained basically unchanged since the 14th century.

The sites you can enjoy while strolling along the quaint streets and squares of this lovely town are quite a few! The most important is the Duomo, one of the most beautiful in Italy! It was built in the late 1200s and today is considered the Icon of Orvieto.

The Pozzo di San Patrizio (Saint Patrick’s Well), built to provide the town with water in case of a siege. The ingenious design features two elliptical staircases that allowed mules and their handlers to descend on one side and ascend on the other so as not to get in each other’s way.

The Albornoz Fortress, a castle which originally featured a moat and a drawbridge. Today only a part is left standing, but the gardens inside are worth a visit, especially if you’re visiting in the hot summer months when you can find cool shade to rest in while you admire the gardens.

You will spend the morning in Orvieto and have time for lunch either in town or along the way to your afternoon stop; the town of Civita di Bagnoreggio. We suggest you grab a slice of pizza in order to have more time to tour, but if you prefer, you can have a nice typical Italian lunch, in one of the family owned restaurants in the area. If you need suggestions, just ask your driver and he’ll point you to the ideal venue for you!

In about 30 minutes driving you’ll reach Civita di Bagnoreggio. The town is much smaller than Orvieto, but it too was built on a high tufa cliff, actually higher up than Orvieto. The town does not offer many attractions in the common sense of the word, but each lane and footpath holds a surprise!

Wander around the narrow streets where Ivy climbs up walls and potted flowers of a multitude of colors parade on balconies, reach the church which was and still is the heart of the town. Take a sit in the main square and enjoy a nice gelato, before it is time to head back to your ship.


Rome in Limo offers both Private and Shared Tours. If you have a large family or you’re traveling with friends, you can opt for a Private Tour, but if your family is small or you’d like to meet new friends,  you can consider a Shared Tour. In both cases, you get Rome in Limo’s high-quality tours!

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